Health & Wellness Program

Reach A Greater Level Of Health & Prevent Future Complications

Proper Health Management Prevents Future Complications

Dr. Singh has always been interested in health management, wellness and prevention rather than just disease management. He believes that prevention is better than the cure. Unfortunately, modern medicine in the United States is very fragmented and almost always disease-oriented. Physicians only address one problem that they specialize in.

Therefore, Dr. Singh pursued additional education and certification in wellness and age management about six years ago. He has a strong belief that every individual should live life to the maximum potential. Vitality is always achievable. We can help achieve those goals for both men and women.

Experienced Staff

Health & wellness experts at your disposal for exercise & nutrition training

Holistic Treatment

Fix the root cause of common health problems so that you reach greater wellness

Injury Prevention

Prevent common health issues & future complications by living a healthy lifestyle

Lasting Vitality

Provide yourself with the tools necessary for lasting wellness & comfort

Exercise Counseling

Strengthen The Body & Prevent Future Complications

Dr. Singh is a strong advocate for exercise. He truly believes in the importance of maintaining an active & healthy lifestyle. With his expertise in wellness, he has the ability to discuss exercise programs & refer to expert trainers in his network. 

Nutritional Counseling

Personalized Plan For Total Nourishment & Lasting Vitality

Dr. Singh believes in an anti-inflammatory diet & he will arrange consultations with nutritional experts in his network. 


Complete Your Daily Regimen For Lasting Health

Dr. Singh says, “Prevention is often better than the cure.” With this end in mind, he collaborated closely with suppliers to create his own nutraceutical brand, Singh Health.

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Is Our Health & Wellness Program Right For You?

Learn About Other Evidence-Based Therapies For Spinal & Musculoskeletal Disorders


Restore physical function by strengthening muscles in brief sessions


Promote daily wellness with our doctor-approved supplements

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