End Your Pain With Manual Stretch Therapy

Resistance-based stretch therapy improves physical mobility and strength of target areas - helping you achieve results that last!

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The Four Pillars Of Health & Fitness Are...





How Does It Work?

MST addresses each muscle individually, allowing the therapist to identify and strengthen the weakest link. 

Once the neuromuscular system is functional and balanced it allows muscles and joints to work proficiently and effectively.

The key top physical performance is optimal Flexibility.​

By isolating and reactivating tight or tense muscle, you restore the flexibility and function of the muscle and the joint that the muscle is attached to.

The first step is to re-establish range of motion and flexibility before beginning any strength training program.

The Life Process- To Simplify

First Goal: To get you out of pain. 

The answer is simple: its called “LIFE”. Virtually everything in life causes a tension pattern whether it is being sedentary, old injuries, medications, poor hydrations, sleep deprived, poor diet, etc… if you want to move with less pain, then MST is a good start along with diet and exercise.

Pain is caused by tight/bound up muscle tissue. Using our partner assisted stretching method we can quickly isolate and realize tight muscles, while restoring the muscle to be healthy, efficient and flexible.

The same process is used to improve performance in Golf, Tennis, and Fitness. Removing mobility barriers is the first and most important step in Health, Fitness and Athletics. A muscle that moves efficiently and smoothly stays healthier.

Our Expert - Roger Kraig

I developed the Manual Stretch Therapy and earned my MS in Sports Medicine while working at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

After a lifetime of work of evaluating, assessing and rehabbing the bodies of professional athletes, it was time for me to share my experience and knowledge with others.

  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Nick Price
  • Nick Faldo
  • Mike Allen
  • Tom Lehmam
  • Kirk Triplett
  • Brandel Chamblee
  • Aaron Baddelly

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